Disability Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dentist Disability Insurance Available for Most Specialties?

Since I’m In Practice for Myself, Should I Combine Disability Insurance for Dentists with Business Expense Coverage?

When Is It Wise to Consider Getting Supplemental Dentist Disability Coverage?

Why Does It Appear That Disability Insurance for Dentists Is More Expensive than Life Insurance?

What Factors Are Commonly Considered When I Apply for Dentist Disability Insurance?

As a New Dentist, What Insurance Coverage Should I Consider?

As a Dental School Student, Can I Find Dentist Disability Insurance to Cover Me Until I Start Practicing?

Can I Quickly Estimate What Good Doctor Disability Insurance Coverage Might Cost?

What Is the Difference Between a Group Long Term Disability and an Individual Physician Disability Insurance Policy?

Where Can I Find Doctor Disability Insurance Company Financial Ratings?

Are There Different Types of “Disability” as Defined by Doctor Disability Insurance Coverage?

Can My Medical History Influence My Ability to Get Disability Insurance for Doctors?

As a Medical Resident, Why Is Disability Insurance for Resident Physicians Important to Consider?

Am I Eligible for Some Extra Features in a Policy for Disability Insurance for Medical Residents?

How Are My Rates Determined in a Disability Insurance for Medical Residents Policy?

Can I Get a Future Coverage Increase Provision in a Disability Income Insurance for Resident Physicians Policy?

Why Should I Consider an Individual Medical Resident Disability Insurance Policy If I Have Group Coverage?

How Much Income Benefit Can I Typically Get With Resident Physician Disability Insurance?

What Is the Real Difference Between Short-Term Versus Long-Term Disability Insurance for Resident Physicians?

Can I Get a Disability Plan Option That Guarantees My Future Insurability?

How Does the Elimination Period Clause Work and Can I Make It Better For Me?

What is a “Social Security” Rider That Can Sometimes Be Added to a Disability Insurance Policy?

How Does a Return of Premium Provision Work and What Might It Cost?

What Is Government Disability Insurance?

Are There States That Offer Disability Income Insurance?

What Is the Social Security Definition of a “Disability” to Qualify for Disability Income Insurance?

How Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability Income Insurance (SSDI)?

How Does a Government Disability Income Insurance Calculator Work?

Is There More Than One Government or Social Security Disability Income Insurance Program?

What Is the Difference Between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Other Long Term Disability Income Insurance Plans?

What Process Does the Social Security Administration (SSA) Follow to Decide If I’m Disabled?

What Are Some Things I Should Know About Getting Disability Insurance Quotes?

How Can I Find Some of the Lowest Disability Insurance Quotes?

How Can I Best Use the Internet to Get Disability Insurance Quotes?

What Should I Consider When I Get Quotes for Disability Insurance for Self-Employed People?

What’s an Effective Way to Find the Best Deal Disability Insurance?

What Are the Primary Differences Between Short and Long Term Disability Insurance Programs?

What Are Some Common Differences Between Group and Individual Long Term Disability Insurance?

Should I Consider Having Both Short Term and Long Term Disability Coverage?

What Are Some Common Tax Considerations of Long Term Disability Insurance Programs?

What Are the Most Popular Long Term Disability Benefits Terms?

Why Do Long Term Disability Insurance Premiums Appear to Vary So Much?

What Is Own Occupation Disability Insurance?

Why Is It Considered Important for Professionals to Have Own Occupation Disability Insurance?

What Is the Definition of “Own Occupation” Disability Insurance?

What Are the Tax Considerations of Own Occupation Disability Insurance Premiums and Benefits?

What Is an Own Occupation Rider to a Disability Insurance Policy?

What Does “Own Occupation” Mean When Referring to Disability Insurance?

What’s an Effective Way to Find the Best Own Occupation Disability Insurance?

What Is the Difference Between Long Term and Short Term Disability?

How “Long” Is Short Term Disability?

How Can I Find Individual Short Term Disability Insurance?

Who Is Typically Eligible for Short Term Disability (STD) Coverage?

Is the Income Replacement Feature in Short Term Disability (STD) Normally Identical to the Income Benefits in a Long Term Disability (LTD) Policy?

If I Have a Long Term Disability Policy, Under What Circumstances Should I Consider Getting Short Term Disability Coverage, Also?

Are Medical Pre-Existing Conditions Considered When Applying for Short and Long Term Disability Insurance?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Group Versus Individual Short Term Disability Coverage?

How Do Private Short Term Disability Insurance Plans Differ From the Various State and Federal Disability Programs?

How Do Disability Statistics Influence Insurance Premiums?

How Does Employer Disability Insurance Differ From Individual Coverage?

How Are Life and Disability Insurance Related?

Is Private Disability Insurance Better Than Government Insurance Protection?

Do the Circumstances or Causes of Disability Affect Disability Insurance Benefits?

What Is Disability Insurance in Relation to Workers Compensation Insurance?

What Is Presumptive Disability?

How Do the Definitions of Disability Differ with Private and Governmental Insurance Programs?

What Are the Common Levels of Disability?

How Do Permanent Partial Disability Benefits Work?

What Factors Determine a Decision Regarding Total Versus Partial Disability?

How Do Benefits in a Residual Disability Insurance Policy Work?

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