Understanding Residual Disability

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What Is Residual Disability?

Understanding Residual Disability

Residual disability is another insurance term for partial disability. It can be a very important definition of disability as circumstances can create a loss of income without it being classified as a definition of total disability. A common determination of your eligibility for partial disability benefits occur most commonly when you suffer at least a 20% loss of income, after which you may qualify for partial disability insurance income.

Residual disability may be a temporary disability or might qualify you for permanent partial disability benefits. If you've suffered a problem and submit a partial disability claim, you should be prepared to submit evidence of the loss of income (typically 20% or more) as a result of this partial disability.

Residual disability coverage can be a very valuable component of your disability insurance program since you have no control over the severity of a potential injury or illness you encounter during your career. The ability to receive partial disability benefits if you suffer some, but not a total loss of your income can be a wonderful feature.

Should you have the misfortune to suffer a disability but have the good fortune to have residual disability coverage, whether you earn a temporary partial disability rating or a permanent partial disability rating, the income benefits you'll receive will be a welcome assist to maintaining your lifestyle.

Refer to your insurance policy contract for specific information regarding your coverage and for actual terms, conditions and exclusions. The above statements are general in nature and may or may not reflect the actual terms of your insurance policy.



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